Complex Tasks Made Easy by

Reach the Most
Challenging Terrains

We Build Drone Technology That Makes
Your Aerial Mission Possible!

Custom-built Drones Are Critical For
Bridging The Vision And Mission


The RFLY-VTOL-X1 is our next-generation UAV with dynamic range, responsive flight control, and provides an unprecedented level of flexibility in a single VTOL.


RFLY-HYBRID X1 is the flagship product developed for specialized missions with high endurance up to 4 hours and optimized for GIS LiDAR Mapping, Aerial Mapping, Aerial Delivery, and Border Surveillance.


The RFLY-TETHER X1 is developed and optimized for specialized missions demanding extended free-flight mission time with endurance up to 12 hours.
Single white drone with red camera for photography or video surveillance in realistic style isolated vector illustration


Uniquely designed & developed for Aerial Mapping, Industrial Surveillance and Police Surveillance missions. The RFLY-MICRO X1 establishes a new benchmark for micro UAV performance with 60 minutes endurance and reliability under 2kg class.

While there are numerous use-cases compelling an aerial solution, we have consciously chosen those ones which are tested and work safely.

We group our solutions broadly for
1. Disaster Management
2. Border Security
3. Counter Terrorism
4. Internal Security
5. Emergency Response
6. Coastal Guard Security
7. Environment Assessment
8. Aerial Dropping and Deliveries
1. GIS – Lidar Mapping
2. Aerial Photogrammetry
3. Police surveillance
4. Industrial inspection/surveillance
5. Infrastructure Management
6. Agriculture
7. Disinfection spray for COVID19
8. Fire fighting
9. Surveillance & Disaster Management
10. Medical logistics
11. Wireless Relay / Internet Broadcasting
12. Aerial Flood Light / PA system

A Rapid Growth in Industrial
Drone Applications

Drone provides a quick means to gather information

Drones Can Help Track
Almost Everything

Agricultural use could comprise 80% of the market
Fields on Bali. Shooting from dron.

Drones Can Help In Search
& Rescue Missions

With thermal sensors, drones can quickly discover the location
Transforming imaginations into reality
The product images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product.
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